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Find out about the benefits of Pure Soy Candles

Find out about the benefits of Pure Soy Candles

Candles raise the heat and atmosphere in your home and fill it with perfect scents. They will enliven a party, add romance to dinner, or whisk you away to a faraway place that smells like peace and happiness. That’s why we have a tendency to burn candles, to celebrate each occasion and enrich any day. However, not all candles are created equally.

Candles are made up of completely different wax sources. Some carry scents higher, some are friendlier to the atmosphere, and a few are downright dangerous. Soy candles’ advantages are plentiful – and they are a healthier possibility for candle lovers.

When buying candles, you should not just think about the scents and aroma because Candles will be created out of assorted waxes, with every polish having alternative properties that have an effect on the performance. Candles will be made of paraffin wax , soy wax, palm wax , and coarse wax, simply to call a couple.

What are vegan candles in Australia?

Soy candles are made of natural soy wax derived from the vegetable soybeans that are also called vegan candles in Australia . Soybeans are grown in the United States truth . Ohio is the sixth leading prime soybean-producing state in the U.S . once the beans are harvested, they’re then clean , cracked , de-hulled, and rolled into flakes. Oil is extracted from the flakes , and also the leftover flakes are used for animal feed .

Paraffin wax , one of the foremost common candle waxes thanks to its low-cost prices, springs in a very different approach. Actually , Wax is one of the products of the oil purification method from crude, coal , or shale. After you remove the waxy substance from fossil fuel, you’re left with Wax.

Why we should choose soy candles?

Soy wax is created from environmentally friendly, renewable resources, whereas classic wax is produced from fossil fuels and is non-renewable. Not solely square measure, there are “green” blessings to picking soy wax over a distinct variety of candle wax .

However, soy wax burns slower than wax, so you get a candle that lasts longer. Whereas all candles emit black soot when burning, soy wax candles burn cleaner. They led to less soot. one more reason to decide on soy wax once it involves candles is the undeniable fact that soy wax is a wonderful fragrance carrier that doesn’t need chemical amplifiers. The result’s a well-balanced true-to-scent candle.


Ever drip hot wax on your hand? From a security stance, soy wax is the more sensible choice as a result of its lower freezing point than paraffin. This suggests less risk of burns do you have to accidentally spill melted wax onto your skin. In fact…because soy wax encompasses a low softening temperature, you’ll use the melted wax as a hydrating treatment for cuticles! Simply dip your finger into the melted wax (avoid the flame of the wick!) and rub the soy wax on your cuticles. It feels luxurious, and it’s safe.


Because paraffin wax burns cleaner than wax, the scent from its essential oils is a lot of pleasant and stronger-smelling. Paraffin willdles et al. that use chemical scents can turn out harsh, unnatural smells, sort of a low-cost automotive thing. It’s common to listen to folks complain of headaches once paraffin candles burn. It’s thanks to the toxins paraffin releases into the air .

Also, as a result of soy wax burns at a lower heat and creates a bigger softened pool, the oils evaporate higher from a bigger expanse, emotional a lot of scent into the air! a powerful scent is needed if you’re aiming to absolutely immerse yourself in it.

What is a soy pillar blend?

What is a soy pillar blend

Pillar Soy blend Wax (BW-921) is from  100 percent soybean oil and uses soy-based additives to reinforce performance. This wax is one of the great things for making pillars, votives, wax melts, and tarts. It is prepackaged in pastille to be easy to scoop and measure. It exhibits a really wonderful scent throw, vibrant colors, and perfect mold release. A27 and 424 is a fantastic natural wax for creating smooth also creamy structural candles that also melt and resist frosting.

How many shapes do we have in soy candles ?

We have Different shapes of candles in vegan candles that I want to introduce some of them, such as soy body candles and soy wax bubble candles .

Soy body candles are the most popular vegan candles in Australia because they are so beautiful to be used in decorating most rooms like the bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms also; some people use them in their showcases in shops because soy body candles show women’s body, which has a very beautiful effect.

Soy wax bubble candles are candles of that category that show contiguous bubbles that are usually cube-shaped that are mostly used next to soy body candles , which somehow complement each other in the design, and if they are placed together, they give a much more beautiful effect to that environment .