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Flameless Halloween candles

Flameless Halloween candles

this post about Flameless Halloween Candles Handmade Candles for Halloween are beautiful candles that are derived from the Halloween ceremony and are used in parties and homes in some way . In the following , we want to introduce you to the Halloween flameless candle tutorial .

Continue to follow Lily’s collection . The tools and equipment needed to make this type of candle are  : 

– PVC pipe (make sure it is big enough to fit the light) 

– Glue gun (glue nozzle)

– glue sticks (a lot of glue sticks)

– White spray paint

– Acrylic paint in black and brown

– Transparent paint spray for furniture or outdoor space

Start making flameless Halloween candles

First , we cut the PVC pipe in different sizes , in order to give our Halloween candles a more scary and beautiful look , we just cut the beginning of them diagonally . ( This may help the exposure at the end of the work ) . Use a glue nozzle ( like aquarium glue ) to put the glue on the cut edges of the PVC pipe , try to continue doing this until it gets some face . Of course , try to make these adhesives look natural on the edge of the PVC pipes .

Before continuing , I would like to introduce you to different types of Sculptural Candles , including Bubble Candles Candle Accessories , Geometric Candles , and Floral Candles .

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Placing the candle and coloring the glue in the Halloween candle

Crush some paper and put the smaller pieces together and crumple them so that they are placed at the end of the tubes place the candle on these shredded papers . At this stage , which will be an important and effective part , try to mix the paint in dirty black and brown colors and add it to the adhesives around the pipes (as in the pictures) .

Use all the colors in such a way that they are placed in the seams and small gaps of the adhesives so that the work comes out cleaner . After this , try to wait for some time until the colors dry , then place the cylindrical candles inside the PVC pipes . ( even you can use lamps or things like this instead of candles)

To make this scary handmade candle look better , you can use dark-colored strings of fabric . This will give a good effect on the appearance of your candle . Just try to observe the safety measures if you use cylindrical candles . Do not cause a fire . If using a lamp, this type of fabric is less dangerous .

Tutorial on how to make handmade scented pumpkin candles

In addition to flameless candles for Halloween , we want to introduce you to the tutorial on how to make Handmade Scented Candles in the pumpkin at your home , you can use these scented candles to bring a wonderful fragrance and design to your home on Halloween. Without delaying your time , dear ones , we will start this training learning .

how to make pumpkin candles

Step 1: Cut the pumpkin into 1/3 of the top . After this, remove the scum inside the pumpkin and clean it . To make this work better , it is enough to remove the slope of the melon and scrape the cloudy inside and sides . After cleaning the inside of the pumpkin , put the metal part of the wick at the bottom of the pumpkin so that it stays firmly in place .

Next , wrap the wick around the straw and then let it rest on the pumpkin to prepare the melted wax . Hold it in place by taping it to the pumpkin with masking tape . Leave the empty pumpkin aside . Now
it’s time to make scented wax .

Preparation of wax and scenting of melted paraffin

Measure 2 cups of beeswax and divide it into two equal parts . However, melt the one cup of wax at a time . Take 1 cup of wax balls and put them in a glass container . Place the jar with the pellets in the microwave .

Important : Place a paper towel over the glass to keep your microwave clean . Next , put the wax in the microwave for 2 minutes . Then put the next wax in the microwave for 1-minute intervals until it melts . After the first cup melts , put another cup of wax balls into the jar and continue this process for 1 minute. It may take a total of 5 minutes to melt in the microwave .

Scenting a pumpkin candle While the wax is melting, mix together the cloves , cinnamon , and vanilla extract . When the wax is completely melted , pour the spices into it . Use a disposable spoon to mix the spices with the wax .

Be careful : this process is very hot! This step may be difficult for you . For ease of work and improvement of the perfume process in this section , just read the article on safety and safety in candles .

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