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Why do we blow out birthday candles ?

Why do we blow out birthday candles

All of us have blown out the candles on the birthday cake on our birthday since we were children . At that moment , we close our eyes and make a wish and blow out the birthday candles in the hope that our wishes will come true .

This custom is not specific to a specific country and culture and is performed almost everywhere in the world . You may also wonder why we put candles on the birthday cake , and when we want to blow it out , we make a wish and believe that our wishes will come true on this day .

Today we want to go to an interesting topic , Blowing out the birthday candle . You may also be interested to know where the philosophy of blowing out birthday candles comes from and when people made a wish on their birthday when blowing out candles .

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Join us to get to know the philosophy of blowing out birthday candles

Join us to get to know the philosophy of blowing out birthday candles

It might be interesting for you to know that the history of blowing out candles on cakes goes back to ancient Greece . The ancient Greeks celebrated one day every month on the occasion of the birth of Artemis , the god of the moon , and on that day , they made a round cake like a full moon .

In the middle of this cake , a Handmade Candle was placed to symbolize the brightness of the moon . The ancient Greeks believed that the smoke of this candle could carry wishes and take them to the sky to the gods . Therefore , They held this ceremony every month and sent their wishes and wishes to the gods.

The cakes that were baked in those days were very different from today’s cakes and were prepared in large sizes with cream covers , and it was not possible to prepare them for all families , and it was considered a luxury item . Therefore , this ceremony was held only in rich families .

The candle on the cake was later seen in Germany as well . According to a religious ceremony , the Germans placed a Handmade Candle in the middle of the cake and recognized it as a symbol of the ” light of life . ”

There are two important hypotheses for the candle on the cake; Some people in those years believed that the smoke from extinguishing candles would take their wishes to the gods of the sky, and the other group believed that this smoke would keep demons away from them.

German man

Historical evidence shows that a German man first used cake and candles to celebrate his birthday. Every year he held a big birthday party in his house and prepared a big birthday cake and put candles on the cake according to the number of years of his age.

After that, this tradition gradually spread in other countries and today, in almost all countries with every culture and tradition, birthday cakes and candles are used on birthdays, and as in the past, the person born is buried with candles.

Many people believe that a person born should have a wish in his heart and no one should know about his wish . Otherwise , his wish will not be granted . On the other hand , in order to fulfill his wish , he must blow out all the candles with one foot , and if a candle remains lit in the meantime , his wish will not be fulfilled .


Nowadays , the variety of birthday candles has increased a lot compared to the past . If in the past birthday candles were only limited to simple stick candles and number candles , today you can get birthday candles in various designs and models .

Meanwhile , magic candles are a good option for those who believe in fulfilling wishes by blowing out candles . These candles are made of a material that lights up again after turning off the candle .

Another type of candle that can be a good option for birthdays is musical candles . This candle , which is in the shape of a flower , opens after lighting its petals and starts playing soft music .

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