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How to make rose water with rose petals?

How to make rose water with rose petals

Rose water is an excellent ingredient for preparing homemade scrubs and masks for use on all types of skin. This substance’s natural cooling, moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects make it an excellent product for skin and hair care.

Necessary ingredients for making rose water :

  1. ·         fresh rose
  2. ·         Distilled water
  3. ·         Ice
  4. ·         A pot or a deep pan
  5. ·         stand
  6. ·         Two bowls (to put them in the pot and collect rose water)
  7. ·         A bottle to store the finished product

Procedures for preparing rose water :

1) Wash the rose and separate its petals .

2) Place a suitable metal bowl on the inside and put rose petals next to it. This bowl should be in the center of the pot and a base for placing the second bowl .

3) Place the second bowl upside down on top of the base bowl .

4) Add enough water. Be careful that the water enters the second bowl .

5) Boil the potable water with the lid on the pot .

6) When the water boils, the ice cubes are put in the inverted lid and boiled for 20 minutes on medium heat for 30 minutes .

7) If the ice melts, add more ice. This substance helps the condensation process. 8)      After 20 to 30 minutes, when the rose petals turn white, turn off the gas .

9) Pick up the bowl from the pot and allow the water to cool .

10) Finally, transfer the rose water to a sterilized bottle.

Tip :

If you don’t have a metal bowl, you can use a clean stone under the second bowl. The goal is that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the bottom of the pot.

The size of the bowl you use inside the pot should be suitable so that you can put the lid of the pot upside down on it so that the pot is completely covered.

You can store your homemade rose water in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Properties and benefits of rose water

Properties and benefits of rose water

This substance has the following properties for the skin :

  • Cleans the skin.
  • It gives a beautiful effect to the face.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Prevents premature aging.

To close the pores, you can use rose water directly on the skin as a skin toner.

During summer, you can spray rose water on your face.

Pour some of it into the water of the bathtub you take a bath with.

In addition, rose water is suitable for reducing puffiness under the eyes and darkness in this area.

Its soothing aroma also helps reduce stress.

The benefits of rose water for treating diseases

Rose water incense can be used for relaxation because rose water incense prevents various mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Rose water is an inhibitor of amyloid, which causes forgetfulness in people. Due to its anti-stress and anti-depressant properties, rose water makes the body react appropriately to stress and depression. also, you can use original rose water as eye drops to improve vision .

Rose water prevents eye illnesses such as degenerative macula and cataracts. Rose water relieves eye fatigue and is useful for people who spend long hours in front of a computer for work .

To treat headaches and migraines, you can use rose water and cover your forehead with a cloth dipped in rose water. By consuming and smelling rose water, you can cure your headache because smelling rose water makes you relax and you can even buy some hand make candles that smell like rose water to make the space smell good and create a good design with candle accessories like a geometric candle jar .

variety of candles

Handmade candles are better than others because they have lots of variety, like soy collection , which means soy candles , these types of candles are made from nature and do not contain any type of chemicals, and as a result, they are much healthier for the body because they do not release chemical soot into the air when burning.

Soy wax is used in many candles. Many candle brands choose to use soy wax. Because, compared to traditional paraffin wax, soy wax is generally considered more environmentally friendly, slower burning, cleaner (less soot), and cheaper than other waxes.

As we said above, soy wax burns slowly, so you can get longer candles than regular paraffin wax candles, as result you can save your money by buying soy candles .

You can safely buy all kinds of handmade candles at the lowest prices in Lily’s collection .

Decorating with candles

Decorating with candles

Decorating your home with Candle Accessories is one of the special and romantic decorations and if you want your home space to look dreamy and romantic, it is better to use a special and different idea.

The method that you can use to decorate the bedroom and living room is to put candles in beautiful and stylish geometric candle jars . You can fill the cups with decorative petals or decorative items of your choice, then put the candles in the jars and place the jars on the table and in your favorite places .

Nowadays, the use of candles on the dining table has become very popular as this idea is used in lots of cafes and restaurants. In the past, it was customary to use this lighting device on the dining table all over the world, but today its usage has changed, and it is used as one of the design elements of the table .

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