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Small tips about the candle and its maintenance

Small tips about the candle and its maintenance

this post about Candle maintenance . At first glance , many handmade candles like  vegan candles , paraffin candles , sculptural candles and others may seem like simple thing that does not need to know any special tricks or tips to use them . But this small device has tricks for proper maintenance and use , which can be a pleasure to use if you always pay attention to it .

Multiply Small tips about candles and their maintenance , which is the subject of this article, will help you to follow them so that the candles you light will burn evenly , and without smoke , their lifespan will increase , and many other materials that are included in this The article deals with them .

Some people also use candles only to decorate the home and other places and believe that candles are better to be used only to decorate the environment .

While a candle that is lit , in addition to the energy that its flames give to the space and creates a certain warmth and intimacy , it can be a means of perfuming the space (if using perfume models) from unpleasant smells that can be created in every home and environment . In fact , there is nothing better than entering an environment that smells amazing and shows that a person cares about the environment in which they live .

Correct and principled use of candles

If a candle is exposed to environmental pollution and dust specially female body sculpture candle , it is natural that its color will fade and darken over time. Don’t worry , you can easily fix it . For this, you can use industrial alcohol to remove the blackness and darkness in it .

Wash it well with cold water and soap, and then wipe it with a cloth . Dry completely slowly , and now you can use a brush dipped in industrial alcohol on all parts of the candle . With this , all its parts are cleaned , even the recesses in certain models .

When you want to light a candle for the first time , allow it to burn for a few hours until the wax melts all the way to the sides of the container , preventing pitting and pinholes and creating an even , long-lasting burn . This burn may take 2-3 hours, but we guarantee it will last many times over .

You have to pay attention to the fact that a hole or pitting of the candle creates a condition that shortens its life .

Correct and principled use of candles will increase the life of your candles

Placing the wick in the center after turning it off is one of the important points that you should pay attention to . Because with this seemingly simple work that you do , you will see a wonderful effect in the burning process . In fact, by doing this , it burns the same when it is turned on again .

The best time to do this is when you blow out your candle , and the wax is still loose , use a match stick and place the wick vertically in the center .

It is so important to keep the wick short for maximum use . For this purpose , you should shorten the wick of your candle before lighting it , especially for the LUMIERE CANDLE . By shortening it , while controlling the flame , you can enjoy your candle burning for more time .

In addition, shortening the wick and keeping it at a certain length will prevent it from mushrooming and also prevent unnecessary soot . Maybe here the question will come to you , what should be the standard length of the wick to achieve the desired result ? In response , it should be said , ” The length of the wick should only be 6 mm . ”

Important tips regarding extinguishing the candle you have lit

Important tips regarding extinguishing the candle you have lit

Now it’s time to know some important points related to extinguishing the handmade candle in australia you lit and creating beautiful moments for yourself . You might be surprised and say to yourself that extinguishing candles is a simple task , and you don’t even need to pay attention to the tips related to it , and you can extinguish it by blowing or blowing out .

But we have to say that this method is wrong for several reasons , especially if you have used perfume models . It wastes all the effort you spent hours on perfuming the desired space . Moreover, it can be dangerous . Because by doing this , sparks of fire may be thrown around .

The best method you can use to turn off this device is a candle extinguisher or putting the lid on its container (if you use the models that come in a special container) if none of the mentioned items are available to you . If not, take the help of a spoon and turn it off .

Another important point that is particularly important is if you are using candles that are in glass containers . Be sure to pay attention to the amount of wax left inside the glass before lighting it .

If the amount of wax is 10 mm or less , do not light it. Because , in this case , the glass may overheat and may be dangerous . In fact, the flame needs a strong base of wax to prevent the glass from overheating .

Did you use luxury candles with beautiful geometric candle jar ? These products come in beautiful containers that you might like to reuse for other purposes (like holding makeup or using it as a vase) . But you don’t know how to make the wax inside the Container Candles in australia . There are just two ways to remove wax from such dishes :

The first method is to put the container in the freezer overnight. With this method , the wax inside the container is easily removed, and the reason is that the wax hardens and can be easily removed from the container .

The second method is to pour hot water on it to dissolve the wax inside. In this case, you can easily pull out the remaining wax in the container .

If you want to see a wick trimmer just need to click on it .

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