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Stylish and interesting fantasy candle model for home decoration

Stylish and interesting fantasy candle model for home decoration

Maybe we think that today, with all kinds of modern lighting devices , what is the need for candles ?! But this old tool has changed its functionality for a long time and has become one of the most used decorative tools in various ceremonies and even romantic evenings .

Nothing can convey a sense of peace and tranquility to a person like a candle . Using beautiful and fancy candle models , both decoratively and for use in special situations , is a smart and very useful thing. These beautiful candles can be placed next to the bed, around the fireplace , or even on the study table .

Sometimes sleeping or reading in the presence of a beautiful candle flame will be much more enjoyable and relaxing .

Applications of candles

Sometimes sleeping or reading in the presence of a beautiful candle flame will be much more enjoyable and relaxing . In this article , we want to mention several beautiful candles from Lily’s collection . The elegance of these beautiful candles is very much that they can be given as gifts to friends and acquaintances. A candle is a symbol of wisdom , and gifting a device with this concept will also be meaningful .

For example, one of the models of fantasy candles that we want to mention in this paragraph is Christmas candles that are sold in Lilly’s collection called CHRISTMAS COLLECTION , which is a very suitable option for gifting and home design next to the Christmas tree on New Year’s days .

benefits of soy candles

In choosing the model of fancy candles , more attention is paid to the appearance of the candle , but it is much better to choose models that offer useful functionality in addition to beauty . Finally, there will be a situation where we will use these candles , and the better a candle will last for a longer period of time .

Soy candles last longer than other candles and burn slowly, and save money because they last longer and are not made from paraffin and it is an environmentally friendly candle because it is completely plant-based and made of soybeans, so it does not emit black soot when burning like paraffin candles and is not dangerous .

We also have soy candles in Lily’s collection named LYCHEE PEONY SOY CANDLE CHRISTMAS DAY (BLACKCURRANT AND PLUM) SOY CANDLE , and BLINDFOLDED FLOWER GIRL , and you can easily find them by clicking on them or searching their names on the site to go to the purchase page and keep these beautiful candles as a souvenir from us.


Nowadays , many fantasy candles are handmade candles and there are no other harmful chemical substances in them , decorative candles are not only beautiful, and in some of these handmade fantasy candles , natural fragrances are used , which can light them . It is extremely relaxing, especially after a hard or busy work day or when you have a party , lighting candles will give your home a very good feeling .

You can use any candle with the scent you like in the corner of your house and enjoy the pleasant and relaxing smell .

If you’ve only had “decorative” purposes for placing candles around your dining table , now you can consider that having a lighted candle around you while you work can increase your focus and help you be more productive . There are SOME scents that can stimulate your mind .

Scents like peppermint , lemon , orange , rosemary , and cinnamon have the ability to heighten your senses and give you the extra power that you very need to stay on task and turn off your phone .

It helps you remember positive memories

Memories and emotions can be easily triggered by certain scents , and if they match a certain time in your life , they create a feeling of happiness . There are many behavioral studies that show that smells are more likely to trigger vivid emotional memories and can lift your mood very quickly if you’re feeling down . If you’re feeling sad, or just had a bad day , lighting a candle that reminds you of a happier time can help you feel better and focus on the small details of what’s going on right now. Don’t concentrate if you are having fun .

If scents can be effective in recording the positive memories of your life , they probably have the same ability to improve your mood. A Japanese study of 12 depressed participants found that the smell of lemons helped reduce their

antidepressant dosage, boosted their immune function, and regulated hormone levels .

The next time you’re feeling a little down and want an instant mood lift , try using a citrus or rosemary scented candle in australia while meditating in the dark to help clear your mind while you try. Also, focus on the invigorating aroma that permeates the space.

You can light candles any time of the day you like , but it’s best to use them for specific moments (such as a bath, meditation, prayer, or yoga) to reinforce meditative thoughts and help you start or end the day right. Deliver Based on many manifestation techniques , burning a candle is believed to be a good way to send your feelings out into the world during meditation. For example , while you are doing your nightly skincare routine or while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee, light a candle or two around you .

Be sure to put your phone away in these moments so that you can be more alert and focus more on the little time you have only with yourself .

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